WIDW (What I DRANK Wednesday!)

In celebration of my love addiction to coffee, a new product sample and today being hump day – aka Wednesday, I’ve decided to change up WIAW and make it all about drinks!

So let’s get ready to rumble guzzle!

The day starts out with water… I try to get about half my tumbler down as I’m making breakfast… try being the key word here – sorry to say, but some days water just does not taste good :/

Then at breakfast I usually just have the rest of my tumbler (16 ounces) …but lately I’ve been reunited with my childhood love – APPLE JUICE! So I’ll have a glass of that delicious stuff!

IMG_1650 IMG_1651

And look! It’s endorsed by an RD…so it’s totally acceptable for me the drink the whole jug! Ok ok.. I know moderation moderation moderation. But I was still impressed they actually looked to an RD to endorse their product! Woot Woot!

After breakfast I’ll have coffee. Why after breakfast? Well, because I’m weird. I don’t really like drinking anything while eating – yes, I’ll have apple juice, but I just can’t multi-task! Strange, I know… but I feel coffee is just too amazing and it shouldn’t be just thrown in with food – so I enjoy them separately… sue me.

So how do I drink my coffee?! How kind of you to ask!


Lately, I’ve been LOVE LOVE LOVING White Cloud Coffee!

It started as a product review – but could easily turn into a routine purchase. Their coffee is amazing! Check out the product review here. The usual is just to add milk, sometimes (on a special occasion aka-whenever I feel!) I’ll add a sugar-free flavoring (love me some hazelnut or caramel!)

The morning goes on and I try (again that word try) to get in another tumbler full of water before dinner… but like I said, some days are just not ‘water’ days – so I look to other sources of hydration to get me through… here are a few of my favorites-

Sparkling flavored water! Both ICE and Hy-Vee make great carbonated water that has zero calories and tons of flavor! Getting hydrated is definitely not a chore with those choices!
I also like flavoring my water with crystal light packets, or MIO (or the store brand since I am a poor college student!)

IMG_1653 IMG_1654

Throughout the rest of the day I continue drinking water (or alternatives) and aim for over 100 ounces a day – some nutrition/fitness gurus say to get your body weight in water – only change the lb. to ounces. This may seem a little extreme – but it is a goal.

Milk (well chocolate or strawberry for me) is also a great source of hydration with added vitamins, minerals and protein. *Sidenote- ever tried vanilla almond milk!? It’s my new obsession!

Smoothies!!! My absolute FAV. OR. ITE. way to consume liquid! You know I love me some smoothies!

IMG_1118IMG_1643 IMG_1058

Some other tips on enjoying hydrations –
1. Make sure your water is COLD! No one (well at least I don’t) enjoys drinking lukewarm water 😛
2. Get a new, fun water-bottle! When I got my first CamelBak I was probably the most hydrated woman on the planet!
3. Keep at least one water-bottle solely for water! It really will improve the taste of plain water if you haven’t had juice or any other flavor in there.
4. Mix it up! Add frozen fruit, flavors, etc. to your water.
5. Drink all. day. long. Don’t just wait until you are thirsty! Try to carry around a water bottle and sip on it all day – no water-log & no dehydration.

Well I hope this crazy long (unintentional I promise!) post about liquids has given you some extra motivation to stay hydrated during these last few dog days of summer.

Drink up buttercup!

*As always – check out www.peasandcrayons.com for all the WIAW posts

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