WIC-y wicky fresh!

This week I was on my WIC rotation- wanna hear about it? Yes? Yes? OK!

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So to start off – WIC stands for Women, Infant, Children.
Who do they serve: low-income, nutritionally at risk pregnant women, breastfeeding women, nonbreastfeeding post-pardum women (up to 6 months after birth), infants up to 1st birthday and children up to 5th birthday.
*Fun fact: WIC serves 53% of all infants born in the United States. Crazy right?

-Benefits of being on WIC: supplemental nutritious foods, nutritional education and counseling at WIC clinics (or over the phone if you are in rural Alaska), screening and referrals to other health, welfare and social services.

So what did I do?
Well – the first day I just watched and listened and asked any questions that I came up with for the woman I was job shadowing. So nothing real exciting to talk about with that….

Moving on to day 2~ I actually got to talk the reigns and continue work on what we had started yesterday… this entailed making phone calls to the mothers in the surround Norton Sound villages that the hospital serves. Since women are unable to get into Nome for their regular WIC appointments, the WIC consultant for NSHC (the hospital’s abbreviation) calls them and does their secondary education via telephone; secondary education is performed every 6 months or every 3 months if the woman is breastfeeding. This is also the same time that the women are sent their WIC checks in the mail with a educational handout, and the WIC newsletter. Secondary Education varies based upon the women, child, infant, and/or any health conditions or concerns they may have.

The general jist of making this secondary education call goes as follows:
Me: “Hi this is Kris calling from the WIC office for (enter mother’s name here)”
(she comes to phone…hopefully! and says ‘yes’ when I ask if it is a good time to do follow-up education)
Me: “Hello! I was just calling to see how (enter current infant, child or health concern here) is going?”
(we then proceed to talk about goals they may have set in the last call, any questions they may have and let them know their handout, newsletter and check is in the mail)
Me: “Thank you for your time, have a great day!”
Mother: “No thank you! You were a delight to gain insight and information from and I am so glad I got to talk to you today. It completely made my day amazing and I want you to know you just changed my life for the better by calling!”
….ummm ok, that last part may have been a slight exaggeration completely formulated in my head and never happened!

It may seem to be boring or repetitive, but I honestly enjoyed it! I loved hearing these women’s and children’s stories… learning about their life and trying my best to help out, even if it was just in a small way.

After all our calls and paperwork were done (this is the last day of my rotation now), the WIC consultant said I was free to leave. As I was walking out she mentioned how unorganized the WIC handouts were and how she needs to get to that – but is dreading it.

ORGANIZATION?! Did someone just say organization?!
I got a sparkle in my eye and quickly told her how much I love to organize everything in sight and that if she would like, I could happily organize all the handout for her!

To my utter delight she said yes! WOOT WOOT!
She gave me the filing cabinet and showed me the supply closet full of handouts on every topic imaginable… I found their label maker, handing file folder and got down to business!

It. Was. Exhilarating.

I’m not exaggerating people – I’m a nutcase and love organization!

Wanna see before and after pictures? Of course you do!



Sad little filing cabinet with no information to provide to the world 🙁


WOO yeah! INFO yeah!

I hope your day was filled with just as much happiness and organization!

Good Bless 🙂

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