WIAW – #4 (May the fourth be with you)

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Sooo I know that meme doesn’t really mean what I’m using if for -but eh’ what the heck?!

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I thought this fit the bill today as well ­čśŤ …or maybe I’m just looking for any excuse to have coffee – ya definitely that last one!

Moving on!

The eats ’round these parts have been awfully delish these past few days, let me show them off!

Breakfast (my favorite meal-by far!)

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(recipe for this particular one coming soon)

…to accompany the cookie-


┬áDinner (yes I’m from a farm in the Midwest so I call the noon meal dinner-NOT lunch, anyone with me?!)

*end rant*

D8D42CC3-2862-4416-8FF9-4AD29A5898F7.JPG F2C9C0EE-07DA-477C-93EB-7E5D46DCF0E9.JPG

 tator tot casserole (tried to mix it up and put sweet potatoes instead of tator tots, pretty good actually!)
Also feature: Homemade White Bread (dad’s favorite so sometimes you just suck it up, put the whole wheat away and make it.)



 some BBQ Beef Lo Mein! (recipe found here)


216DF5D0-1374-4C0F-84DC-D2DCE3C95B6C.JPG 64F8A156-128D-4214-ADF6-AF12978F9105.JPG

This looks ubber odd – but bear with me…

it is a whole wheat tortilla, covered in equal parts peanut butter and yogurt then – sprinkled with chia seed, granola and bananas! SOOOOO good ­čÖé


And then a granola bar from 18 Rabbits ┬á– review coming SOON!

So that’s what entered my tummy, how bout yours?

~Thanks for the party http://www.peasandcrayons.com


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Blessings – Kris

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