What’s this Nome thing?!

So I realized I just jumped right into my everyday life of plane-trips and packing without explaining what in the world I’m doing going to Nome, Alaska for 10 weeks…

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Let me explain…

A few months ago I decided to throw caution to the wind and apply for the Summercise position in Nome, Alaska – thinking what the heck? Why not spend a few hours days of my life filing out the pages of the application that I know I’ll never get the internship since I don’t even technically meet the requirements (it says Sophomore required, but I’m technically Sophomore status in college so there!) Anyways – I figured I’d try.. and somehow got the final 30 interview :O So I interviewed… and on Easter weekend found out I MADE IT!

I was apprehensive. My friends were excited. My mom was shocked, nervous and proud. My dad says he saw it coming… My grandpa said I had to go.

So… I went!

But what am I actually doing here you ask? (maybe you didn’t but I’ll tell ya anyways!)

Well – I’m living large. 🙂

Pretty much my perfect dream. But the thing is – I don’t wake up from it!

I (and 7 other lovely interns) get to intern with the Dietitian at the hospital and plan classes in the mornings. Then in the afternoons we run a children’s camp and teach classes that range from dance to baking, flag football to food groups 101.

We’ll also be doing a lot of community nutrition education in the nearby villages here.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.47.35 PM

But I already know I’m going to be getting a lot more from the internship than I could possibly give it.

I’m more than excited to get the ball rolling! Thanks for joining me – if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!

~Blessings for your Memorial Day – a HUGE thanks to all our veterans, may God bless you and your families and our wonderful country you are fighting/fought for!

2 thoughts on “What’s this Nome thing?!”

  • Hi Kris,

    I am a student attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout studying dietetics and have heard about the Norton Sound Health Summercise Internship! I am really excited to be applying and wondered if you could give me a idea of what you were all able to do. I was able to talk to another student that went, but I thought that getting another opinion and fun stories about the experience couldn’t hurt 🙂 Hope that you had a lovely holiday and can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks so much, Ashley

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