Welcome to Nome!

Welcome to Nome… would you like a side of culture shock with that cool ocean breeze?

So I arrived in Nome today! YAY! Made it safe and sound… and even more crazy – my bags made it here safe and sound! 🙂


We arrived in Nome, then toured around the town a little bit before heading to the apartment. Once at our apartment, I quickly realized that it was a ba-jillion times better than the apartment I was expecting! Yay for keeping your expectations low! Ha.


Anyways – then we went for groceries (it’s like the most fun this girl can have!), and took a walk on the icy beach

I’m loving this beautiful little town, gorgeous mountain view and the great girls I’m getting to know that I’ll be working with these next few weeks

More updates as we actually start jumping into work* aspect of my adventure tomorrow (mostly HR work but I’m fine with that!)

*I say this with an asstrict because working with little kids, teaching them nutrition/cooking and working out with them is not exactly your typical 9-5


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