This little piggy went to market

Not that I’m calling Jenna or myself a pig – but on Saturday we did go to the market… actually we were the market. The farmer’s market that is!

On Friday night (after we got back to Teller) Jenna and I got down to baking! We stayed up far past our bedtime… especially since our bedtime here is around 9pm (don’t judge!). We baked and baked and baked, it was a blast!



The market started around 10am (everything is just a bit later here in Nome town) and by 3pm we were sold out! …well almost – we were left with one brownie and one cinnamon-bun.

We made healthy brownies, whole-wheat cinnamon-buns, honey wheat bread, cookie dough balls and carrot spice muffins.

It was so much fun! We met a bunch of people that we’ve seen (and have seen us) around town and actually got to talk with them. We also got to watch the talent exhibition that was going on in the same room. It was a great day – and the extra cash didn’t hurt either 😉

I hope everyone’s weekend was just as joyful!

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