The Fun of HR…


 So first off – see those letters up there? Ya… my amazing sister and friends sent (or sneakily snuck them into my bag without my seeing – thanks guys!) them with me! Totally made my day and makes me miss them at least a little itsy bitsy bit less…

So before I tell you about all the fun of H.R. orientation – let me explain one thing about the roads here.

They’re dirt. And now I’m from a farm so that doesn’t phase me… but since they are all dirt the Rec Center doesn’t allow you to wear the shoes you wear to the Rec to work out in at the Rec… but did we know that? Nope! So we went to the Rec all pumped and ready to get our sweat on – and then they tell us we can’t go past the check-in desk.


But it’s fine! We persevered! Went home, got shoes, went back to Rec and totally got our butt kicked by one of the interns that is a person trainer (WOOT!) and gave us an amazing (and by that I meant in the sweaty, sore kind of way!) workout.

So now – back to the fun of H.R. Orientation… It. Was. Painful.

Ok, so I’m overreacting a bit… but seriously – I’m just so excited to actually start planning Summercise classes that I don’t want to spend time learning about bloodborne pathogens… 😛

So after a day of learning about that, and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – it was all I could do to whip out this post (so if grammar is off or spelling is less than par – be forgiving!)

Goodnight (good morning for some of you out there!) and God Bless!


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