Sweet Potato Hash

I love hash! Just saying the word makes me smile… but maybe that is due to the fact that it is such a funny word, especially for a meal…but nonetheless-hash is one of my favorite meals! It can be done in so many ways… In fact, when I was in elementary school we had a breakfast hash every once in a while and I would be soooo excited for days leading up to it! It was dreamingly delicious! But back to the sweet potato hash…
I came up with this recipe due to the overwhelming amount of leftovers in my frig and no desire to eat them as-is. I also had some coconut oil from Tropical Traditions that I wanted to experiment with. A clean frig, 20 minutes and one saucepan later-I was greeted with an amazing new meal that is going to have to find its place in my meal time rotation!
I love how versatile this recipe is-depending on your mood, time of year and leftovers in the frig-you can make many different types of hash… Let my recipe just be your guide-use your creativity and let your imagination flow! And then let me know what great hash variations you have created!

-1 small sweet potato
-1 small onion
-2 tsp. coconut oil
-a few stalks of asparagus
-a handful of chopped carrots and snap peas
-around 4 ounces of cooked steak
1. Melt coconut oil in a small sauce pan
2. Chop all your veggies/protein into small chunks or julienne (peppers and onions)
3. Saute your onions and potatoes (and peppers if using)
4. When those have browned to your liking add the rest of the veggies and protein pieces and cook until all is warm (veggies should be crisp tender)

5. Can be eaten as is or in a variety of creative ways-my favorite is in a whole wheat wrap!

So let me know-what is your favorite leftovers to make into a new meal? I’m always looking for double duty meals with leftovers! 🙂

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