Sunshiney Evaluations!

So today was Evaluation Day. bum.bum.bum.

*sike!*  Well, on the bum.bum.bum. part anyways – Evaluations were awesome! Our entire summercise intern team was jazzed all day – on an evaluation high! Our supervisor has mastered the skill of this:

weakness = a fun and exciting part of yourself that you can polish into a beautiful diamond of your personality!

Really though! Evaluations gave us all a fresh sense of excitement and passion for our projects.

After hearing positive feedback and things to work on, I had so much enthusiasm and powered through my afternoon!

Other exciting Nome happenings…


the sun peaked out today! 😀

So much that I even went on a run and to the beach! Woot woot!


The little building in the background is the old hospital – little fun fact for the day!


see the crazy waves? (well…crazy for Nome) They were crashing hard, and completely covered the beach… only rocks were available to sit on, no beach to be had.


YAY! Sun!


Blessings for a happy and safe July 4th Weekend!


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