Starting a Book Club!

So I decided today, while reading an amazing book – “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic” by Matthew Kelly – that I’m going to start a blogging book club. Who’s with me!?

Ok, so you don’t have to be with me…. You don’t have to read this book, or even be Catholic to enjoy what I’m going to be doing!

I’m going to jot down my thoughts, my ideas and pieces of this book that really stick out to me. …kinda like journaling, online, for the world to see. Good thing I have no shame.
Anyways! I’d love all of you to add your thoughts, opinions and insight on these subjects.

You won’t offend me, I’m open to all questions, comments and concerns.
I just think this book is too full of amazing wisdom to not be shared. SO I’m sharing it!

Hope you enjoy this and participate!


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