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I’ve almost positive all of us have tried sunflower seeds sometime in our life. It’s pretty American to chew some sunflower seeds while watching a baseball game in the middle of June… 
But-if we are going to tell the truth I HATE chewing sunflower seeds. I’m just not good at it! It probably sounds odd-“how can she be bad at eating sunflower seeds?” Well-I can’t seem to figure out how to break apart the seeds and spit out the shells without spitting out the seed too! So I pretty much just suck off all the flavor and spit the whole thing out- lame huh? 
This is a shame though! Because sunflower seeds are FULL of nutrition. Like what you say? Why I’m glad you asked! Sunflower seeds are power packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamin E, minerals and healthy fats. In fact, one serving of these seeds have more antioxidants than blueberries, twice as much protein than almonds, six times more vitamin E than peanuts and more fiber than an apple. 
For more in depth information check out Somersault Snack Co.’s webpage about it here
So if you haven’t caught on already, this post is all about Somersault Snacks! They are a unique little snack that is the first of its kind. Their quest for a perfect little snack led them to the sunflower seed and some sesame seeds. The Somersault Snack is a crunchy little nugget (in a variety of flavors) that is made out of sunflower and sesame seeds, whole wheat flour, sunflower oil and a bunch of other amazing ingredients that not only taste great-but are great for your body! If you want to check them out-check this out.
Speaking of their variety of flavors-they currently make 5! Both sweet and salty! 
-pacific sea salt
-dutch cocoa
-cinnamon crunch
-sante fe salsa
-salty pepper
…Sound delicious huh? You’re telling me! When I first received my sample package I couldn’t decide which flavor to try first! 
So I just decided to try them all! Hey! Don’t judge-a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s blogger’s gotta do! The pain I go through for my lovely readers 🙂 
It’s time for my big 3! 
Taste: Alright, the first time I tried these-I tried Dutch Cocoa, and if I’m going to be honest (which I always am in my product reviews) …I wasn’t crazy about them. They were good, but I wasn’t head over heels.. they just didn’t seem to have enough flavor for me. But I finished off the bowl I filled, and a few minutes later I was craving some more… so I filled up another bowl… and then another… and another! And before long-all I saw was the bottom of the bag! :O I’m not really sure what happened-they just got so addicting! The subtle flavor started showing through more and more. So at first I probably would have given a 2/5 but that jumped straight up to a final: 4/5
Texture: Awesome! They were crunchy and crispy! I loved how they reminded me of a crispy cookie mixed with a  cracker and little bit of a chip-like consistency! Another: 4/5
Nutrition: You all saw how many good things these have going for them! They are made out of great-for-you ingredients. Just check this out-it’s for 1 ounce serving (about 14 nuggets)
Really yummy mixed into my Peanut Buster Shake! Try it-I dare you! 
 Overall: 4/5. These are a great little snack. Yummy and healthy! The one and ONLY thing I would change if I had too would be to have a stronger flavor, but that is so so so soooo minor!
The Dutch Cocoa-my favorite! Even though I’m not a huge chocolate fan! :O
So go check out these little gold nuggets! I assure you-you won’t be sorry!

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