Skill Level: Beginner

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick! (Proverbs 25:16, NLT) Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We LOVE Valentine’s Day around here! However, it can easily become overwhelming – gifts to buy, chocolate temptations, singleness (nuf’ said). But it can also become a great opportunity […]

Spring break snack-age!

It’s that time of year… SPRING BREAK!!! For the first time in forever I’m actually taking a real spring break trip! So what’s an RD to be pack for snacks when she’s going to be on an airplane for 12+ hours and then in another country with minimal access to snack-age? […]

Pancakes and coffee.

Want the secret to success? Come closer and I’ll tell you… Closer… PANCAKES AND COFFEE! Duh. These pancakes were adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blueberry pie pancakes   SOOOOO delicious! Here’s what I did:   Nutritionally, here’s what you’re looking at for both pancakes -> Not too shabby, ehh?   […]