Second Session!

Today is the last day of the first week of session two for Summercise (wow…that was a mouthful!) Here is a little run-down of what session two is/will be

Each session has different classes, so I won’t be teaching any more volleyball, gymnastics, swimming or track&field. A little bittersweet…

But out with the old and in with the new!

This session I’m teaching-

~Out of the Box. A cooking class about food processing. We made pop-tarts yesterday and chocolate pudding on Monday. The pudding was made with bananas and avocados, some of the kids loved it and became new-found lovers of avocados which was so exciting! They even asked me for the recipe *blushing *

~Jump Rope Jam. A jump rope class that has high energy music and tons of fun tricks/moves to go along with it! Yesterday we had a contest for who could jump the longest, it was awesome and completely tuckered out the kids. Mission Accomplished. We also did some stations were the campers had 30 seconds between each station which was a minute long and each station was a different jump rope move (i.e. jumping on right foot, criss-cross feet, scissors, etc.)

~Dance. We have a HUGE group of little girls that are excited and ready to dance every Monday and Wednesday with Jenna (another intern) and myself! Every day we do a warm up, teach them new skills such as leaps or 3-point turns, and then move on to learning another few sets of 8-counts for their routine that they will perform on the last day of summercise. To end each class we do a free dance where we blast some high-energy music and just go crazy letting all our steam out!

~Shake and Bake. Every Tuesday I co-teach a 3 hour baking class with Phoebe where we focus on healthy baking and substitutions that can be made on your favorite classic recipes. This Tuesday we taught them how to make their own healthy granola with no sugar added (we used honey instead). It went over so well! …just one small minute issue arose – the timer in our kitchen does not I repeat does not work! So the first batch got burn just a tad… Or a lot? :/ Oops! But the rest of the batches turned out amazingly and the kids loved it! We sprinkled it over some yogurt and had a day! 🙂

~Nature Walk. This is a hiking class that we help lead with the Park Rangers. Ok ok… you caught me – Nicole (another intern) and I are pretty much just there to make sure that the kids don’t run away, chase after a Musk Ox, or kill each other. All in a days work.



(above) the mountain we are hiking today – it is called “Newton Mountain”

So that’s my life for the next three weeks. I’ll let you know how the neature… I mean Nature Walk goes today! It is chilly, but sunny here today so that will be great for our hike!

Happy Thursday! 🙂

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