Seals and stuff.

Yesterday, even though I whined about the weather being rainy and dreary, we interns still made the best of it and enjoyed the great outdoors!

Once the rain let up, we went for a walk along the beach to try and search for sea glass.



Try… more like SUCCEED!



Also – sidenote* if you are in need of good, yet cheap hiking boots I highly recommend the Cabela’s brand. They were only $30 and are so warm and waterproof! …plus they come in lime green or pink accented 🙂

Another crazy sight on the beach…



Yes. That is a seal. Sad, but very interesting as well! It had a tag on it, so we’re hoping someone harpooned it and will be coming back to claim it. The regulations in Nome, Alaska on seal hunting is very interesting. Only the native Alaskan Indians are allowed to hunt and use the seal products. They make some amazing pieces with their seal products! From slippers to full winter boots to oil. They are very talented, let me tell you!

Well that was our adventure on the beach for the day, hope your day went just as well! 🙂

-Blessings! Kris

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