Relaxing in Nome

On the third day of our vacation (staycation for me I guess) we were suppose to be going on a trip to Teller. Teller is an Eskimo village about 75 miles away. I had hired a tour guide to drive us there and be our know-all for the day… but he got the flu the night before so we had to cancel 🙁

But that’s ok! We made the best of it anyways. Any time spent wasting with your family is not wasted 🙂

So how did we spend our day?



Well we obviously went and looked around the barge (dad’s absolute favorite thing to do)

But also – playing Catan! duh! 😛


We also watched some Alaskan cable, and actually caught a documentary on the Iditorod… nerdy much? …probably so, but it was very interesting and it showed a lot of places in Nome and explained their history. So afterwards we went out and found those places to put the pieces all together.


We also went to Norton Sound Fish Market and headed over to my apartment to have a nice supper. Mom and I cooked the Salmon (it was a Pink) and cooked the salmon and steamed veggies… and a pizza for the fish-haters in the family.



After supper we took a little drive around town and saw some Musk Ox up close and personal!





And then we stopped by the grocery store to get some ice cream! (my dad and I’s favorite sweet…I think he felt sorry for me that I haven’t had any since I left!)

I think my family was just as shocked about the food prices as I was…



So that was our relaxing day in Nome. A good time had by all (at least I assume?? haha)

Thanks for joining me on this adventure and making to the end of this extremely long post!

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