What RDs (to be) really eat…

What RDs (to be) really eat…

Studying to be an RD comes with a good bit of assumptions. And I’m sure it will be no different once I really am an RD!

Things people think…

  1. I’m judging them (refer to meme below)
  2. I eat: perfect, clean, organic, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free or some other specific way
  3. I work in a cafeteria and/or tell people what diet they need to go on all day long

Here’s the thing… dietitians are just like all other humans – awesome and unique in their own ways! Yes some eat gluten-free, some choose to eat vegan, some prefer organic options and some (like me) have no restrictions on what they choose to eat and consume everything and anything.

We work in a variety of settings from hospitals to food service to media to grocery stores. We have done a specific number of hours in a variety of settings and taken a national exam to gain our license to practice.

So what does this dietitian eat on any given day? Well, since you asked…

Breakfast – loving me some french toast as of late..

…this one was stuffed with peanut butter and banana. Wow. Give it a try folks.

Usually need some sort of snack mid-morning to keep me going, like nuts or a piece of fruit



Lavender-spiced almonds, recipe coming soon!

Lunch is usually something quick from the cafeteria (like a massive salad with basically everything on the salad bar) or a sandwich. If it’s a weekend it’s still usually something quick or leftovers thrown together in some concoction!

This was leftover steak mixed with beans, corn and tomatoes. Topped with cheese and scooped up with tortillas I just sprayed with Pam and baked a few minutes until crispy!

Afternoon snacks are, well, always necessary and usually add up to be about the size of another meal. But that’s just me! I find my body works best if I fuel in smaller increments, but more frequently (ok… very frequently!) You may find 3 larger meals works better for you. I’m not into relativism but in this case: you do you!

sometimes snacks are Ben & Jerry’s
and sometimes snacks are eggplant fries
microwave oatmeal cookies with nut butter on top are a common snack as well!

Supper (or dinner for those readers not from the Midwest) is the meal I usually put more time and energy into. Cooking has recently become one of the biggest stress-relievers in my life. It’s a great time to think back on the day and everything wonderful that happened as well as all the ways you grew or new things you learned!

Stirring to me is down-dog for yogis I guess

Homemade mushroom risotto.. didn’t realize it took so long, but was well worth it!

Supper is usually a combo of a few different types of cooked veggies, a protein (usually beef if we’re gonna be honest) and a grain or another starchy veg

Late night snacking.
oh man.
I cannot go to bed without my bedtime snack… call me 6 years old I guess! Anyways, these are basically the same snacks as any other time of the day.

Have any of you tried these? They may just be in Tennessee as they are made locally, but they are BOMB.
Smoothies are definitely my most frequented bedtime snack – recipe for this one here
Waffle House isn’t even off limits – even for an RD (to be)

Hope that helps paint the picture of an RD(to be) as a real person who just loves helping others live and love a balanced, healthy life 🙂

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