Peanut Buster Shake

So you’re probably thinking… “ok-this girl has serious issues! I mean she is OBSESSED with peanut butter to the point of needing help… and she already has posted a recipe for a Peanut Butter Smoothie. She NEEDS to get a new love!” 
And yes-you would be completely right-I do have a recipe for a Peanut Butter Smoothie, and yes-I am utterly fascinated with all things peanut butter-just check out how many recipes contain peanut butter! But please don’t leave this post just yet! This isn’t the same ole’ same ole’ peanut butter smoothie-in fact there isn’t ANY peanut butter in the drink at all! I promise! So you’ll stay? 
Good 🙂 Cause you you’re tastebuds won’t want to miss this!
Maybe you’ve already seen my review for Peanut Flour, or my newest review for PB2-either way, you know I am a huge fan of peanut flour! It’s so versatile and with a little work can taste very similar to peanut butter, but with a better protein bang for your buck! 
*Sidenote: Since I have slightly more love for PB2 than regular peanut flour, that is what I am using in this recipe-however, if you want to use peanut flour just add a little (about 1/2 tsp. each) of salt and sugar-alright, back to me rambling the recipe!
This shake is taking full advantage of PB2’s nutritional stats and lip smacking taste!
This recipe tastes very very very very similar to a Butterfinger in my humble (but always correct 😛 ) opinion! 
-1 cup of frozen substances*
-2 TBSP PB2 mixed with 1/4 cup water (yes, this will be very runny but that is what you want to get a good consistency without having to water (or milk) down your shake!)
possibly: another 2-3 TBSP milk? <-This will all depend on your personal preferences, blender power and the weather (ok-maybe not the weather-I just think things need to come in odd numbers to sound good! But then again-if you're making this outside in 100+ heat your shake will be melting so fast you won't need as much extra liquid!)
1. Mix up PB2 with water
2. Add your frozen substances to blender and pulse a few times to get things started
3. Add PB2 and mix again
4. If necessary, add that milk
*Frozen substances: There are many different options. My favorite way is to freeze yogurt in ice cubes and use those for this drink. You can also use ice cream, frozen Greek yogurt, or frozen milk cubes.

Don’t you just wanna jump through your computer screen and eat this thing up!? …I wouldn’t recommend it though.… it’d be worth it!

Delicious topped with whipped cream and another sprinkling of PB2!

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