Pancakes? Again!?

Pancakes? Again!?

It’s nothing new for me to post about pancakes…

There’s this one, and this one… this one has bananas, and this one has blueberries! Let’s not forget about this one made with coconut flour!

Wow. Maybe I’m obsessed…

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 9.42.58 AM

Oh well! Can’t say I want or will change anytime soon 🙂

So let’s talk about pancakes again!

Kodiak Cakes. Every heard of ’em? Maybe you saw them on Shark Tank?
Well whether or not you’ve previously heard of them no longer matters. All that matters is that they make bomb pancake/waffle mix that is highly nutritious (though you’d never guess by the indulgent taste!).

And what’s possibly the best part – the mix only requires water! WATER! That’s all you need to create this…

IMG_3771 IMG_3767

And these…


Or these little “Silver Dollar Pancake” versions


Top them with fresh blueberries!



I’m not exaggerating friends… Kodiak Cakes knows what’s up. Check out these nutrition facts:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.36.18 AM

Yup. Nice huh?

And another great piece of information about their company: “Today Baker Mills continues as a family business with all of our products staying true to our commitment to use only the finest and most wholesome ingredients available.”

Yes! I <3 family businesses!

Kodiak cakes also has a bunch of other products as well. They have Minute Muffins, Dessert Mixes, and Gourmet Syrups. 

Yum. Yum to all of it!

Just to recap so we’re all on the same page:
1. I love pancakes.
2. I love nutritious pancakes that I can eat everyday and feel good about.
3. Therefore, I love Kodiak Cakes!

…any questions from the class before we adjourn? Seeing none, you are all excused 🙂

Excuse me while I cry over the last bite 🙁


p.s. I was not given any compensation other than sample mix. All opinions are my own.  

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