I’m Baaaaaaaack

“Guess who’s back, back again – Shady’s back, tell a friend” …Eminem anyone? Anybody? ok, never mind. Well I’m back friends! You may (or may not) have noticed my blog being down for the last few months [let’s pretend you did to help my self-esteem]. I recently moved to Nashville to […]

Thank You.

Night Fever. Let me start by explaining that Night Fever is an event that seeks to show everyone, especially young adults and non-practicing Christians that the church is open and inviting everyone inside. At UNL, our Night Fever consists of prayers (specifically for world peace), Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship music and the Sacrament of Reconciliation available. […]

G-Free Biscotti

This recipe may have caught your eye for a myriad of reason – Maybe you or someone you know suffers from Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, or maybe you’ve heard going gluten-free is better for you and will help you lose weight and have more energy or maybe you’ve heard that someday […]

New Kid on the Block 8

This week I had the great opportunity to attend the grand opening of the new grocery store in town, FRESH THYME FARMERS MARKET. It’s no secret I LOVE grocery shopping… see ya later Disney World – grocery stores are the new happiest place on earth. *Stay tuned for a great give-away at […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick! (Proverbs 25:16, NLT) Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We LOVE Valentine’s Day around here! However, it can easily become overwhelming – gifts to buy, chocolate temptations, singleness (nuf’ said). But it can also become a great opportunity […]