An Open Letter to My Daughter on Her 2nd Birthday

An Open Letter to My Daughter on Her 2nd Birthday

Dear sweet Sophie,

I can’t believe you’re two. I really can’t believe it.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been extra grumpy, emotional and short this week.
I’m sorry.
I remember being so excited for your first birthday. We had survived our first year of parenting and you had made it to one year! It definitely felt like a reason to celebrate.

But for some reason, two feels different. It feels a lot harder. I’ve been trying to avoid it but I can’t stop time. Reminders that things are out of your control can be really difficult.

You’re doing more and more every day.
I feel like I need to teach you more and more every day. I know that I let you down every day. And that is hard sweet girl.

I’ve had to put a lot of trust in God since we found out we were expecting you. More trust than I like to, really.

But really you are his and not ours. (I have to remind myself of that a lot.)

You know what’s crazy?
That we had you.

Daddy and I said we would wait three years before we had any babies.
God misheard us, apparently, because it is now three years and we are expecting our third baby.

This has required you to grow up pretty fast. To learn some things on your own. To do more on your own. To share our time more than most. To learn patience, how to be gentle, to help, and to love others before you could speak words. We know that, we just forget a lot. Your little sister and this new little baby will never know life without you and I don’t think you’ll remember life without them.

Thank you for being such a good big sister. We didn’t mean for you to grow up so fast and if I could stop it, I promise I would.

We know that God has very big adventures for you. You are one of our greatest examples of God having a better plan than our own. We know he will do this in your life too, so hold on sweet Soph.
His adventures are the very best!

We love you dearly sweet girl.

Happy Birthday!







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