Nome Midnight Sun Folk Fest!

Wowza.. that title was a mouthful!

Today starts the Nome Midnight Sun Folk Festival! Can I get a ‘woop woop’ ?!

So I’m not sure of the exact festivities that will be going on, but I do know that tonight is the Barn Dance! #pumped. (yes, I just used a ‘#’, don’t judge me)

There will also be a lot of activities going on this weekend… from fun-runs (put on by our department in the hospital!) to craft fairs and lots of fun stuff in between!

Oh… and for your viewing pleasures – here is a gorgeous view of the sun from yesterday!


I almost forgot! WE BROKE A RECORD! Yesterday we had the record HIGH temp. of 84*!!! IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. The interns spent the whole day either inside or teaching classes which is kinda a bummer when it is so nice out, and even though it stays light out 24/7 – we are far  too tired after the workday to truly enjoy the weather… but we did get to the beach for a little R&R before calling it a day!


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