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This week I had the great opportunity to attend the grand opening of the new grocery store in town, FRESH THYME FARMERS MARKET. It’s no secret I LOVE grocery shopping… see ya later Disney World – grocery stores are the new happiest place on earth.

*Stay tuned for a great give-away at the end of this post!*

Lincoln has a lot of specialty grocery stores for its size, so what makes Fresh Thyme different? Here’s what they say…

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, a rapidly growing Midwest specialty retailer focused on healthy and organic products and groceries

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“The foundation of healthy eating is often based on incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets. Therefore, at the core of our offerings is an abundant produce department, overflowing with fruits and vegetables, fresh from the farm, often locally grown and much of it organic. We’re so passionate about produce that we’ve made it the nucleus of the store, ensuring the bounty of fruits and vegetables is visible from all other departments.” (<– LOVE THAT!)

The Fresh Thyme mission is to service our customers like family and to offer healthy good food at really good prices.”

Fresh Thyme is passionate about their connections to the local community, from stocking local products and produce to hiring local residents and to partnering with non-profit efforts that benefit the residents.”

So what did I notice when I checked it out? 

-Low prices. Honestly, they boast low prices, but I didn’t really believe it. When a store has unique products that are tailored to those specifically trying to eat wiser, prices are usually higher. But I am pleased to say I was wrong! Today, as I was looking through the weekly ads (yes, I’m basically my grandmother and look forward to skimming the grocery ads each week), I compared prices and Fresh Thyme beat out most other stores on a majority of their produce.

-Variety! I love trying new things and Fresh Thyme offers a lot of standard favorites I would want, but also new items I’d love to try.

In-store meals. A hot bar, sandwich and pizza area are just a few of the options if you’d like to dine in-store or grab a quick meal on your way home; and folks, I had some samples… it is well worth it!

-As a farm girl, I do have to say I will not be buying any “natural, hormone-free meat.” Antibiotics used in animals (the cattle industry is of main focus) come with very stringent guidelines on how to use and the length of time necessary to leave the animal’s system which are monitored closely. Also, every living thing has hormones, as a fellow blogger and farm-girl Michelle states:

“Research has shown that a 3 oz natural, non-implanted steak has 1.39 nano grams of estrogen. A 3 oz hormone implanted steak has 1.89 nano grams of estrogen. In comparison 3 oz of cabbage has 2,017 nano grams, one birth control pill has 34,000 nano grams, and a normal adult male has 136,000 nano grams of estrogen.” Boom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and can spend their grocery dollars as they’d like, but I just want to give you all my reasoning behind not supporting “natural, hormone-free meat.” For more info on beef, hormones and the like, check out this page.

Getting back to Fresh Thyme… I’m loving what I see so far! But don’t take my word for it, go check it out yourself at 52nd and O St. Lincoln, NE.

*As promised, Fresh Thyme has generously given me a goodie basket to giveaway on my site! So we are having a contest! All you have to do to enter is follow on Instagram @kriswithbliss, Twitter @bakingblissful, or join the Empower challenge on FaceBook! Just comment below which you did-each one is another entry! You have 10 days, Good Luck!

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8 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block”

  • Can’t wait to check this out! Also-great shoutout on agricultural literacy, girl. 🙂

    If I already subscribe to all 3, does that count? 😉

  • I also follow all 3 :-). But now we can actually go shop next time i’m in Lincoln since I have been eyeing that store since they started building it!

  • I have to agree, I was very impressed with Fresh Thyme as well. This week’s ad has even been a topic of conversation at my male dominated workplace. I did purchase some items from the meat counter. I tried the Italian stuffed pepper and Italian stuffed mushroom cap. I was blown away at the flavor, cost and overall product. My daughter and I have a standing date to head to Whole Foods every Sunday to stock up on fresh fruit. We have discovered it is actually less expensive than most local grocers. We now have a standing Fresh Thyme date as well. I cannot wait for the local growing season to compliment my garden with their local products. Followed on Twitter and will follow on Instagram. Cheers and much love!

  • CONGRATULATIONS Angela – you are the lucky winner of the spa kit, courtesy of Fresh Thyme! Let me know how you would like to receive your gift 🙂 Thank you everyone for participating!

    Stay tuned, another Fresh Thyme giveaway coming soon!

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