My Oatmeal! Pina Colada love.

My Oatmeal! Pina Colada love.

Contrary to how the title of this post may sound, I am not being a controlling, greedy girl!
But this all about My Oatmeal. Which has two meanings… 1. It is mine. 2. The Company’s name is “My Oatmeal”

My Oatmeal is a company that has realized this country’s want for ‘do-it-yourself’ or ‘customizable’ everything! Their amazing oatmeal is far above anything you can buy in the store!
Self serve fro-yo, design your own tennis shoes, personalized mattress for your body type, etc. etc! Everyone wants everything tailored to their exact wants, needs and style (me included!)
So My Oatmeal let’s you do that with your morning bowl of oatmeal! It’s amazing really 🙂

You pick the type of oats (such as quick, or 5 grain blend), flavor choice (everything from peanut butter to key lime pie), fruits, sweeteners and any other random additions (like Chia or Flax). You decide how big of a bag you want and name your creation – then hit order! Bada bing – bada boom! You will have your amazing, healthy breakfast on your doorstep in a matter of days.


My experience with this company was a great one! The process of ordering is so simple! It takes you through each step, but is also easy to go back and change one particular item if you are indecisive (guys- I seriously went back 7 times! I could not decide… too many options!)

I was a little worried I wasn’t going to enjoy such bold flavors in my oatmeal (hehe – this time I really meant mine!). But boy oh boy was I wrong! It was amazing!


My Oatmeal was called “Pina Colada!” I used 5 grain oats with flax, coconut flavor, and added bits of coconut flakes and banana chips. Woah baby! Delish to the 3rd degree 🙂

I ripped open that bag so fast and dug in! Cooked? No way! It was so good, I ate it like granola – straight outa the bag. Then had the brilliant idea to make a pineapple smoothie and mix the oatmeal in. Good idea Kris, good idea. YUM!

Don’t feel creative enough to create your own blend from scratch? No worries (even though the process is very easy and basically impossible to screw up! My Oatmeal also has their favorite oatmeal blends that are already tried and loved – so you can feel confident ordering one of those blends. They also have mystery oatmeal if you’re feeling adventurous! Mystery blend is the extra’s from multiple custom orders – so you’ll never know what mix you may end up with – but it is sold at such a bargain, you might as well try it out! I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed (I’m not sure this company could make a bad batch of oats! They ROCK!)

I also tested another flavor blend of oats and one other amazing product they sell (intrigued? You should be!) Those reviews will be coming soon!

Last – but certainly not least, for those of you that are like me and like to know you are supporting a wholesome company, read their mission:

Our mission at is simple.
I want to help my community and my fellow man. I will do this by donating oatmeal to various organizations that aid in natural disaster recovery.
I will also donate healthy oatmeal to non profit groups that make it their business to improve the lives of the people in their community.
I will make it my priority to seek out, and support those groups and individuals that value our community, our country our planet and our future by whatever means I have at my disposal via the company.
My mission is to make the world better, and encourage others to do the same.
One bag of healthy oatmeal at a time.

Amazing, no? This is a company I can truly feel good about supporting – and my tummy and tastebuds are pretty happy as well!

So go! Go go go! Go get yourself some delicious oats! And while you are at it – let’s all take a note from Anthony (creator of My Oatmeal) and make the world better! We all have a part to play. Each of us was created with different talents and tasks – mine are much different than yours, and yours different than the woman down the street – but all are equally important and necessary! Don’t let yours go to waste. Make today yours. Make today beautiful.

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