Midwest girl loving the Pacific (Pacific Foods)

If you were a little taken aback by this post’s title – don’t be. I’m just doing a product review 🙂

Pacific Foods was generous enough to send me some samples of their products for me to try out and tell y’all about (side note, I actually don’t say y’all – ever. But it fit well there don’t ya think?)

As taken from their website, “25 years ago, Pacific Foods started out on a journey.  From the beginning we’ve always stood by our own ways of doing things- using simple ingredients, farming sustainably and acting kinder towards people, animals and the world around us. These beliefs continue to shape us, and are now brought fully to life in our newly revamped website.”

^I LOVE THIS! Knowing where their food comes from and the best way to prepare it per nature’s example is just lovely 🙂

But how does it taste Kris!? I know I know…. we’re getting there

I sampled the following:

Oat Milk. Sounds weird right. Oats are… well.. oats – not milk. Oh they are, but boy oh boy do they make some delicious milk! I loved how creamy and subtly sweet the oat milk was!

Chocolate Hazelnut Milk. One word: dessertish! (yes, I’ve made it a word) So rich and creamy – but one cup has only 120 calories. It pairs perfect with a peanut butter sandwich – talk about getting in all your fats for the day! OH! It also makes one heck of a smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup chocolate hazelnut milk, and 1/4 cup Greek yogurt.

It even passes the DQ Blizzard test! 

-They also gave me some soups to try that I will report back to you on as soon as I make them! But if they are anything like the other Pacific Food’s items I’ve sampled, I have very high hopes!

Hats off to you Pacific Foods. I truly appreciate your concern for knowing where and how the products you sell are created! I hope that food awareness only becomes more of a reality for consumers throughout 2014.

All opinions are straight from the brain of Kris. No one had anything to do with what just came out of my mouth (i.e. I was not given any compensation for providing my opinion on Pacific Foods)

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