If we all learn a lesson, we divide the costs…

If we all learn a lesson, we divide the costs…

Recently I bought something that turned out to be a dud, I should not have fallen for the marketing ploys… so what’s a girl to do? Call her mom and whine – Duh!
Which is exactly what I did.
And like any good mom would, my mom looked at the big picture and used reason to make me realize it was not a big deal (the penny pincher in me was freaking out to say the least!)
In our conversation she said something that really hit me. She said…

if it was a lesson learned, it was not a loss. Chalk it up to the cost of life’s education.”

I chimed back, “yea, but why does education have to be so expensive?!”

Kris, if we all learn the lesson, we divide the costs”

Now that may seem a little out of context. Honestly, who cares that I bought something dumb and wasted my money? What in the world does that have to do with anything on this site?
Well, tonight I was also thinking about posting something on here, but then got to looking at a couple other blogs I admire and thought, “Why should I even post? My blog isn’t as big as theirs, with as nice of pictures, or number of followers, or blah blah blah!”

But then I remembered what my mom had said… if we all learn the lesson, we divide the costs

Now I may not have specific life lessons to be learned in the obvious sense, but I do live life, and live it trying to balance nutrition, fitness, family, friends, and fun – all focused on the real reason I’m here at all – my faith.
So while I may just be a little blogger, blogging on my little site, I’m going to do my best to share the lessons I’ve learn – recipe successes and flops, products that rock and make me sorry I wasted chewing on them, fitness ideas and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.01.41 PM

So stick around! Because this little light is gonna keep on shining

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