Lean with it, rock with it (PB Lean) 8

So I hope at least a few of you out there caught onto what I was getting at in my title… anyone? anyone??

Moving on!
Today let’s talk about PB Lean, sound good?

PB Lean is a powdered peanut butter; the same company that makes that great personalized oatmeal makes this stuff.

…as taken from their site -> PB Lean is dehydrated peanut butter with 85% less calories from fat.
Simply add water to turn this dry, dehydrated peanut butter powder in to a low calorie, low fat, low sodium, gluten free, delicious peanut butter paste.
Mix it in to your protein shakes, in bake with it in pancakes, cookies, muffins.

Alternatively, you can mix PB Lean with jelly or preserves, agave, whipping cream, maple sugar or yogurt for an amazing peanut butter treat!

My thoughts?!
It is a great low-calorie alternative to peanut butter if you need to be closely monitoring your fat and caloric intake. It is also great to mix into things that normal peanut butter would not be able to do.
Such as:
sprinkling it into coffee!

making a thin peanut sauce for pancakes!

The options really are endless. I love dumping some into my smoothies, sprinkling it on top of cereal, yogurt or ice cream, and really love putting it into baked products (peanut butter banana bread anyone?)

The nutritional stats are really great -
for 2 tbsp: 1g fat, 2g fiber and 5g protein; all for about 50 calories. niiiiice!

My only suggestion is to add a little pinch of salt to your PB lean before mixing it with water or whatever else; I’m not sure why – I just feel it tastes even more like peanut butter when you add this salt.

Oh! And one other thing – My Oatmeal has come out with more flavors of PB Lean;
Chocolate Hazelnut, Vanilla Frosting, German Chocolate Cake, Banana Bread… I want to try them all!

~thanks My Oatmeal for letting me review your great products! All opinions are my own and My Oatmeal only sent me samples; no compensation for my review~

Have a super Sunday y’all!

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