Just another day at the office…

So what does a normal day at the office look like in the life of a Summercise Intern?

Well let me take you on a journey of a typical day (that is, on an off-day that we don’t have Summercise in the afternoons, or any presentations, step-by-step appointments or WIC rotations; soooo it happens about 5 times the entire summer!)



The day starts with breakfast at home. There is the option to eat at the hospital, but it isn’t always the most reliable when it comes to opening on time, and I am just not a happy camper when I’m hungry! So needless to say almost everyone eats at home now.


When we get to work we usually check the mail room *anxiously in hopes that a package from the lower 48 may have arrived… there is almost always nothing – but on some very crazy days our group of 8 has all these! …mainly because they only sort mail a few days a week.

Also – lots of coffee!



We drink lots of coffee! (gotta get through all these crazy projects, classes and hikes somehow!)

Then we usually work on the aforementioned projects and classes… take a quick lunch break (which is almost always brought to the conference room so we can plan even more) work until five, and then walk home!

The End.

…we live an exciting life on our off days, I know 🙂

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