Ingredient: whole-wheat flour

One year later… some things don’t change

Do we all recall last year’s post right around this time? It was all about me loving break & pancakes. Well, one year later and here I am – on Christmas break. Eating pancakes. *I should get an award for consistency really* But back to pancakes – at least I […]

Break means one thing… PANCAKES! 1

Now that it’s officially Christmas break, some things in my life have changed: 1. NAPS For more great shirts that show “YOU CAN’T EVEN” click here.  2. Activities! All the activities, whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it! 3. Having enough time to put actual creativity into […]

English Muffin Bread – take II 4

A long long time ago, before I ever thought about going off to college, taking classes called O-Chem or willingly choosing to stay in school over summer break – I made a little loaf of bread that earned the name: “English Muffin Bread”. You can read all about it, see the recipe, and […]

Vegetables for Breakfast?

Yesterday was my first day of classes for the semester… little bittersweet. I love school, my roommates/best friends!, apartment, campus church, our Rec. center 😛 etc., etc., etc. But it was a little hard switching gears from free and easy life at home with my amazing family to actually having […]

Pancakes and coffee.

Want the secret to success? Come closer and I’ll tell you… Closer… PANCAKES AND COFFEE! Duh. These pancakes were adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blueberry pie pancakes   SOOOOO delicious! Here’s what I did:   Nutritionally, here’s what you’re looking at for both pancakes -> Not too shabby, ehh?   […]