Half Way Mark!

Half Way Mark!

Well everyone… today marks the half way point of my adventure in Alaska! It’s crazy to think my trip is already half over and that I’ve been here for over a month! :O

Summercise is also half over as the first of two sessions concluding this Thursday (a complete summary post of the first session coming soon!). The next session will not start until the second week in July which means we have all next week to plan plan plan! …and maybe take some time to enjoy our freedom on July 4th!

I’m planning on running the Anvil Mountain Race which is a 12.5 mile run up Anvil Mountain and back. This could be very interesting as I haven’t had too many ‘mountains’ to practice running up where I call home! But I do have a good friend in town that has shown me around to some good running routes to get more milage in thankfully.

The weather is cold, wet and dreary here today which is kind of a bummer as we had a hike planned 🙁 But that just meant more time to plan for classes!

I’m getting pretty excited for second session as I will be teaching:
Out of the Box (a nutrition/cooking class focused on what to look out for with processed foods and how to create some traditional ‘junk food’ in a healthy way)
Dance (ekk! So excited!)
Jump Rope Jam (it is jump roping and assorted tricks/moves to music!)
Tundra Travelers (Hiking for 7-8 year olds)
Shake & Bake (a baking class, y’all know I’m pumped about that!)

For my Out of the Box class I made the following hand out and game for the kids to play!


Above is a diagram with assorted facts that illustrates the process of getting food from farm to table

OOB game

This is the board for my “Pick a Spot” game. The children will be given assorted pictures of foods (like a banana, bag of flour and candy bar) and asked to place from least to most processed.

I also made a Nutritional Matching game where I took pictures of the nutritional label of various foods (everything from a potato to spam) and cut off the serving size so it didn’t give it away. The children will be given pictures of the various foods and asked to match the food to its nutritional label.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 10.02.22 PM

If the kids have half as much fun as we interns did in playing this game, it will be a success!


Just taking a little work break to test out the game!

Happy Halfway Saturday everyone! I miss you all and hope your summers are going great!

Blessings Always! ~Kris

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  • Look at you advocating for agriculture all the way up in Alaska?! So proud of you and all you’re doing Kris! Love you girl!

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