Grocery Store Goodies

Did you know that there are more than 38,900 products in the average grocery store?!

That is so many products to either push you closer to health or shoot you farther in the other direction!

With the new fall starting up, there is a massive overhaul of grocery store products to bring in the new season. Here are a few of mine (and my RD-bestie Rachel’s) favorite finds in the grocery store as of late ~

  • Kodiak Cakes – Pumpkin Flax
    • I LOVE Kodiak Cakes! They are a pancake brand that only takes water (heyo! one less step!). But they have also been rolling out new flavors recently like Peanut Butter and just in time for fall… PUMPKIN đŸ™‚ Also a great mix I use to make muffins
  • while we’re on the pumpkin kick… Pumpkin Yogurt people
    • There are a million different kinds, and thankfully there are a lot of healthier (i.e. lower in sugar, higher in protein) choices this season! Dannon is always a pretty good bet, brand-wise
  • Steamfresh Mushroom Risotto
    • Microwave and ready to go in under 5 minutes? Yes, yes please.
  • Couscous boxes (Aldi find)
    • They come in different flavors, like Parmesan and Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil and just take water to prepare! I was intimidated to try a new grain but couscous is incredibly easy!
  • This ice cream from Aldi
    • Usually I’m not a “in it for the chunks girl” (that’s definitely Rachel!) – but this ice cream is just too good. Chucks of peanut butter covered pretzels, white/dark chocolate mix morsels and mini PB cups… yeah, I can dig it.
  • These salad kits!
    • I am obsessed with the Poppyseed one, but they are around $3 a bag and home-girl’s on a budget. Which leads me to…
  • This dressing I mix kale and cabbage I chop up myself
    • Pretty much the same thing as the kits and wayyyyyy less $$
  • GIANT tubs of PB2
    • It’s no secret I use PB2 in most everything. But it can be pricey – there are the smaller (name brand, around 15 servings) jars that can cost around $5. But this HUGE (71 servings!) tub from Walmart is usually $10 or less.

So there they are, our favorite grocery store finds this week! I would love to hear about all y’alls! What have you been loving at your supermarket lately?


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