Grilled Pizza

Even though summer is almost over… (tear) we still have a few more days to fire up our grill and head outside to make a delicious dinner! 
So what should we do to celebrate our last few days of summer? Grill pizza! 

It’s very simple! 
1. Just make your pizza dough-or buy from store… then prepare your veggies by adding a little bit of oil or salad dressing to the pre-choped veggies and throw in a grill basket. 
2. Season the veggies with some salt, pepper, and whatever spices you like!
3. Grill veggies for about 10 minutes before throwing your rolled out pizza dough on the grill.
4. Let the pizza dough grill for a few minutes on each side
5. Remove dough and veggies and take back inside to prepare pizzas!
6. Fill pizzas as you like… sauce, veggies, meat, cheese, etc.
7. Throw back on the grill for 3-5 minutes-or until cheese is melty!

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