Grandpa’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Flour Review

Hello Lovely world-wide-web readers of the 2013 year!
I hope your year has started off with a WOOT WOOT! I know mine has – And what could possibly make it better? Honestly, I don’t know of anything… oh wait! A product review! That’s it! So let’s get to it 🙂

Today’s product review is Grandpa’s Kitchen – gluten free flour and mixes. Now a days gluten free is all the rage and personally, unless you have celiac disease, I don’t feel as if there is any reason to go completely free. However, for those of you that may have celiac disease, or disagree with me on the gluten-free bandwagon will find this product review exceptionally significant.

Grandpa’s kitchen makes a gluten free, lactose free flour blend that can be substituted 1-for-1 with regular flour in all your favorite recipes. It really does work great! And you honestly can’t taste the difference!

They also sell gluten free mixes, such as:
Pizza Crust Mix
Pancake Mix
Bread Mix

Their flour is amazing! most gluten-free flours or even flour blends can only be used in certain recipes or come out with a weird texture or taste, but not Grandpa’s Kitchen! No-sir-ree… see- this company blends different gluten free flours and starches to create a flour that tastes and acts just like regular wheat flour. They also sell a recipe book of their favorite ways to use the flour blends and mixes.

Overall: great product for those of you that follow a strict gluten-free diet! And for anyone who wants a little variety in the flour they use.

Thank you Grandpa’s Kitchen for the sample (The sample was the only thing I received from this company, all opinions are my own) I had way too much fun trying out all sorts of recipes with the flour blend! I’ve tried cookies, bread, muffins and granola with the flour and all have turned out great! Just check out my newest recipe – Banana Bread in a Mug

Have a great January day – do something crazy worthwhile. 

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