Get in my belly. NOW.

Get in my belly. NOW.

Food. A necessity of life obviously, but one you really begin to pay attention to more as you bump up your activity levels…
Increase activity -> Increased caloric needs -> Increased hunger -> Hangry Kris.

But that doesn’t mean stuff face with anything in sight.
An increase in activity level means your energy needs go up; but it also means your nutrient needs go up as well. So not only do you need to eat more, but you also need to eat nutrient dense foods. Carbs, protein and fat are all important for an athlete’s body; but so are micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) – like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium (yes, you read that right) and many others!

So what does that look like? It’ll be different for everyone, of course, as there is no one-size-fits-all diet; but just to give some sort of idea, here’s some of what I’ve been putting in my belly.

Veggie Paninis – some good, whole grain bread + hummus + roasted veg
Beef stir-fry; purple sweet potatoes, steak bites, peppers and onions

Red meat provides not only protein, but also great nutrients like iron to give you energy and zinc to build a healthy immune system!

Veggie-ful Pasta Primavera

I added chicken for some muscle repairing protein; recipe found here.

Salmon (hello healthy fats), toast and hummus and green beans sautéed in minced garlic, lemon juice and a little butter

IMG_7273 IMG_7274

Lots of produce! Bananas are a staple in my diet whether I put them in oatmeal, eat with some nut butter, or freeze and use in smoothies. You can bet if I go to the store, I’ve just bought a bunch of bananas 🙂

Other favs, carrots, cucumbers (for my hummus – it was on sale this week… ergo lots of meals including it), oranges, spinach (more iron!), tomatoes, apples; really – you can’t go wrong if you found it in the produce section.

Eggs! A great and fairly cheap source of protein; also has B-vitamins
One of my favorite snacks! It has 90% of your daily value of iron which is really important for runners, esp. females!
Steak and potato bowl; another great way to enjoy red meat, and veggies with delicious carbs like potatoes and peas!
Salmon Croquettes (recipe coming soon); fish not only has protein, but also Omega-3 fats which are lacking in many American diets
Pancakes. Nuf said.
Scrambled eggs; quick, versatile, cheap. What’s not to love?

So there ya have it folks; a hodgepodge of some of the foods I’ve been nomming as of late.

What about you? What are your go-to foods when you’re hANGRY?

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