Garden of Love

If we have happiness,
if we have love,
or faith
or hope
or any of God’s gifts-
but do not share them will they not spoil before we can enjoy them?
But if we sew them among our friends and among our enemies will they not grow and multiple into a garden so large & blessed that all God’s people- including ourselves, can enjoy it?
So therefore, today we must go out and begin to plant these seeds, even if we only have a handful, and start a garden of God’s graces. But not only that, we must also help others tend to the garden they are planting… especially while they are away.
Together, over time, with the help of God’s green thumb, we can create a garden that will feed the souls of all God’s children.
Father Lord, 
I pray today that we all become your gardens. Help us to plant seeds of faith, hope and charity. Fertilize it with love. And remain stewards of You that possess the hard work necessary to tend to it. May we see every day the graces that are growing and be hopeful in the day of cultivation. Amen <3

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