Fruit Salsa

Dipping stuff is so much fun! Don’t cha think? 
Well this fruit salsa is a very versatile dipper! It’s amazing with salty dippers such as pretzel things, bagel things, salty crackers, heck-even chips! But super amazing as a double sweet dip/dipper combo with carrying vessels such as cinna-sugar tortilla chips. graham crackers or even slices of fruit! (Fruit overload?! Sorry, never heard of it…)
This recipe also couldn’t get much easier-just chop/puree all the ingredients and let it chill for awhile and you’re in business! (the dipping business that is!)

That’s really it! Just take all your ingredients and throw it all in a big bag and shake shake shake! 
*be aware-these ingredients are just my favorite combo-you can switch it up however you wish!
-2 apples (I like using the very sweet Fuji variety)-chopped
-2 kiwi-peeled and chopped
-1 lb. strawberries-chopped
-2 TBSP sugar (or any sweetener of choice)
-2 TBSP. fruit preserves
-1/4 cup fruit juice of choice 
~I’ve done this before with raspberries instead of strawberries, and once with pineapple juice and pineapple instead of apples-YUM!

Perfect for your next girls movie night! Tailgate! Playdate! Party… lazy night at home! Anything 🙂

Delicious on crackers!
If you guys do some variations on this, let me know! I love a mix-up! 

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