Fishin’ and hopin’ and dreamin’

What day is today? Today is Saturday!

Last Saturday  my wonderful family was still here with me in Nome. The highlight of the day was fishing! Early that morning we awoke and walked down to Pingo (the town bakery) to get fresh cinnamon rolls for everyone – DELISH!


Then we headed to Nome outfitters to rent our fishing gear – got all bundled up, and head to the mouth of the Nome river right outside town to try our luck with some fishin’



See that?! I caught a starfish! …supposedly the salmon were running – but we sure didn’t find any!

After a long day of catching NO fish – we headed over to Bearing Sea Bar for supper…



They had a lot of good things to choose – many fish and Korean options (sidenote: almost every restaurant in this town has a mix of some type of food + Korean)



Another day, another dollar STARFISH!


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