Fabulouso Friday!

So yes, my title is about as close as I can come to speaking Spanish… don’t judge.

How is everyone’s Friday going? I hope fabuloso like mine! The day started off with a bang! Wanna know why? Well first, I didn’t have to get up before 7am, always a plus! And second… I had THESE to put in my tummy!

It’s a muffin…kinda… They’re vita-tops made by Vitalicious. Vitalicious makes all sorts of delicious treats that are actually good for you! My favorite product of theirs is the VitaTops so I’m gonna fill you in on those!


Here’s what the company has to say about them:

No time for your vitamin-fortified cereal this morning? Tired of chewing yet another granola bar, but still want your vitamins, minerals and 4-10g fiber with very little fat? (Yes friends, they really do have between 4-10g of fiber! for 100 calories! CRAY.)

VitaTop™ 100 calorie muffin tops have all of the healthy benefits of our delicious VitaMuffin™ – now even more convenient to carry and eat on-the-run. The VitaTop™, a “one-hand” satisfying snack food with the portability of an energy or granola bar, is easy to eat anywhere, anytime. At your desk or on the road, these handy muffin tops fit conveniently into a purse, briefcase, work out bag, backpack and lunchbox.

Well that’s the jist – 100 calories, tons of fiber, around 3 or 4g protein and made with wholesome ingredients you can pronounce! Each one has at least 8g of whole grains and very little fat.

Since they are made with no preservatives you have to freeze them until ready to eat if you won’t be able to eat them all in a weeks time (which could be easily done since they’re DELICIOUS!). But that’s alright because they are great frozen too! Or toasted if you prefer them warm. Really people, there is NO bad way to eat these beauties.

They also come in a TON of delicious flavors. For you chocolate lovers out there they have some ‘nummy choices like ‘Deep Chocolate’, ‘Triple Chocolate Chunk’, or ‘Chocolate Mint’.
My personal favorite is a tie between the Banana Chocolate Chip and the CranBran (trying say that 10 times fast!)
They even make them in sugar-free if your dietary restrictions need that. They really are for everyone folks.

On a separate note, the company also sells brownies, cakes, baking mixes and buns! (I really want to try the mixes and buns!)

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