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Ever feel like this…

But wished you felt like this…

Well many people turn to coffee – (i.e. ME!) – but I know not everyone enjoys that beautiful drink 🙂
So I’m here to give you an alternative method to getting your nervous system going!
It’s a company called Celsius – and like their tagline says, “So much more than an energy drink”
It’s true. Celsius claims that not only do their drinks provide healthy energy – but also burn calories in the process. (I say ‘claim’ because I only had a couple of their drinks so cannot say for sure what tole they took on my calorie expenditure)
Their products come in both carbonated and non-carbonated; they also have a line of on-the-go packets. Their flavors range from wild berry, to cola, to peach mango green tea. 
My favorite was peach mango green tea; but all of them were delicious! 
My only negative(ish) comment is that I really didn’t care for the non-carbonated beverages. They just seemed to be missing something – but that’s just my humble opinion. I also didn’t overly love the orange on-the-go packets I tried. But again-I’m not a huge fan of orange juice, so you may have a much different experience. 
So did it give me a buzz? Ohhhh ya!
It gave me much more of a caffeine jolt than a regular cup of coffee or glass of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂
So over all – if you’re looking for a kick start to your day –  or something to get you over the midday hump; this is a perfect drink. Delicious, healthy (Celsius has a TON of vitamins in each energy!

*I was not given any compensation, all I received were the samples. 

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