Day 1 – almost Nome… I mean ‘home’

Well… I’m off!

Today I am leaving for Alaska – a day and a half that will be filled with changing planes, checking and re-checking luggage, checking in and out of hotels oh, and poppin’ Dramamine like skittles!

The first flight was filled with feelings of sadness (never easy leaving my amazing family and home!) but during the second flight – those feeling started competing with excitement. By the third flight – I was just down right anxious!!!

270581FB-DC78-40AB-A3E6-766556583FAC.JPG FE331CD9-986B-47B5-A933-FBDE96879606.JPG

 …just look at those gorgeous mountains!!!


And now… with one flight to go this morning before I’m at my new Nome I mean home, I just feeling hungry (haven’t had breakfast yet, OK?) đŸ™‚

It’s a gorgeous day here in Anchorage – just take a look-see!


 About 50* in Anchorage this morning, but in my soon to be Nome, I mean home – it is only 35* but sunny! đŸ™‚

~More updates when I’m in Nome and all settled – thank you to everyone reading this for your prayers, support and just plain interest in this life-changing adventure I’m about to begin!

Blessings, Kris


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