Cupcake Poppers

Ever wanted to eat cupcakes FOR BREAKFAST and not feel any guilt*? 
Then these cupcakes are for you! They’re quick, moist, delicious and require only 2 ingredients… yes two! (water doesn’t count guys!)
*sidenote: Never feel guilt or beat yourself for having a treat! Everything in moderation is the answer to everything! Well ok, maybe not the question of how many licks it takes to get to the middle of a tootsie pop.. but otherwise it’s a very versatile lesson! 
The secret ingredient is the secret ingredient to almost all my recipes… (I can’t help it I have an addiction and am proud of it!) 
Yes, you should have all seen this coming-I can’t count how many things I’ve tried to ‘healthify’ by substituting Greek yogurt… and once again-this didn’t let me down!
I almost think these cupcakes are more delicious than the regular kind… but then again-sometimes I think my brain’s wires are a little crossed sometimes and think healthy=delicious. (Not a completely bad trait, but very odd!)

Look at all the cute little guys!
-3/4 cup Greek yogurt (any kind-I’m a Dannon Oikos girl myself)
-1 box cake mix
-1 cup water
~Any Greek yogurt will work. For this recipe, I used a yellow-cake mix and vanilla Greek yogurt and the results were oh so delicious! 
Some other creative mash-ups include: 
-German chocolate cake mix and a Black Cheery yogurt
-Vanilla cake mix and Honey yogurt
-Vanilla cake mix and any of the fruit flavors! YUM! <-- You could even mix in some fresh berries with this and create one heck of a delicious fruity cupcake!
1. Mix cake mix, yogurt and water just until everything is moist
2. Pour batter into a mini cupcake tin
3. Bake as directed by box 
4. Frost with Fluff Frosting
5. Enjoy the little bites with a gleam in your eye because you know you just made a semi-healthy pop-able dessert!
Nutritional Info: For a regular cake mix (not sugar-free) and Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt each cupcake popper (assuming you get 5 dozen as my cake mix suggested)*
1 Cupcake Popper: 30 calories – .7 g fat – 5 carbs
*I of course did not get this many cupcakes because… well… maybe… I snuck a little bit SPOONFUL AFTER SPOONFUL of the cake batter

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