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Eat more packaged foods!

Eat more packaged food! Wait, what? Did a dietitian (to be) – someone focused on healthy eating just say that? Yes, yes I did. Packaged foods have a bad reputation, but there are more to this group of foods than meets the eye. There are actually some benefits to eating […]

Plant-based protein? NO WHEY!

Moringa – what is it? It is a leaf from a tree that has recently been placed in the nutrition limelight. The plant itself is nutrient-rich and has been shown to be beneficial in battling malnutrition in developing countries. A variety of Moringa supplements are now being marketed. -We recently […]

New Kid on the Block 8

This week I had the great opportunity to attend the grand opening of the new grocery store in town, FRESH THYME FARMERS MARKET. It’s no secret I LOVE grocery shopping… see ya later Disney World – grocery stores are the new happiest place on earth. *Stay tuned for a great give-away at […]

Earnest Eats

Earnest Eats are a specialized cereal company. They sell energy bars, granola bars and planks and hot cereal. They also have what is called the Earnest Cause: FIVE CENTS, UP TO $15,000 ANNUALLY, FROM EACH SALE SUPPORTS THE INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE’S MISSION TO LEAD REFUGEES FROM HARM TO HOME. But […]