Catch my radio waves

The other morning we had the chance to go to the only other radio station in Nome – KICY.

We actually had an assistant who worked there and gave us a behind the scenes tour there earlier this summer.

So at 7am we (3 other interns and myself) headed out of our house and journeyed over to KICY where we met our boss. We did a recording for the AM channel and a live radio chat for the FM channel.

Our boss talked about the upcoming Dexter Challenge Race that the CAMP department at the hospital was in charge of. We interns were asked about our time here, where we were from, how Summercise went and any other random questions they thought to ask us.



At the end of our little radio session, the manager of the station asked if we wanted KICY sweatshirts… Ummm DUH! He also got us tricked out with KICY coffee mugs! Hello free souvenirs!

After we were done we headed over the hospital for work… and the rest is history!

p.s. I’ve learned on this internship that I honestly LOVE the radio! I mean, a huge audience of people that have (well unless they change the station but there’s only one other radio in town so I felt pretty safe…) to listen to me blab on and on – who wouldn’t love that!?

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