Cafeteria Granola

Cafeteria Granola

What do you get when you have a poor girl that isliving in Alaska for the summer working as an interngetting no pay (hence the poor) + a cafeteria in the hospital that has slim pickings, but is free for interns + a HUGE desire for baking + a lot of help from St. Elizabeth (patron St. of baking!)

…anyone? anyone?

You get AMAZING granola!


Yes. This is true.

I took random (to say the least) ingredients and threw them together with a bit of hope and optimism – baked at 350* for 20 minutes, let it cool and DEVOURED!

These were the random foods I used:

-2 boxes of Wheaties

-1 Kashi Trail Mix granola box

-2 bags of trail mix

-1 can of 100% cranberry juice

-2 cups oats …these I actually had to buy myself :/

I first crumbled up the granola bar, crushed the cereal a bit and just threw everything in a big bowl, stirred it around so everything was covered and baked in the oven.


(I sprinkled some half the batch on my oatmeal cookie ice cream-recipe to come!)

It was so simple, and turned out delicious! It may be the best granola I’ve ever made!!! :O

Crazy, right? So crazy… it just might works!


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