Hello everyone! Yesterday was the Midnight Sun Folk Festival – there have been activities all week leading up to the big day. Here is a breakdown of how my day at the Midnight Sun Folk Fest went:

8am – starting setting up for the 4 miles fun run our department was putting on. It was called the Gold Dust Dash because the winner actually received a small gold nugget! I was so excited when one of the interns I work with was the lucky hard-working winner!


Two of the other interns helping work the fun run even dressed up in a mascot to cheer on the runners!

11am -after the race was over and all cleaned up (I got to use the 4-wheeler to clean up… SOOOO jazzed about that – I really do miss driving 4-wheelers!) I headed home to get ready to go out to the parade and mock bank robbery… oh me oh my. That bank robbery was a hoot and a half yall! That may sound like sarcasm if you know me… 😛 But I promise it isn’t! It really was entertaining, I could not stop laughing!

1pm – we all headed back to the house (well, after a quick stop at Pingo – the town bakery, to pick up some treats!) and had dinner. I made this lovely meal:



If you’ve never put spinach in your scrambled eggs – DO IT!

And then everyone (excluding me and another intern) started getting ready for the Polar Bear Swim (aka – a Polar Plunge into the freezing cold Bering Sea)

1:50pm – about five minutes before we had to head to the Sea I ran down to the other intern that was not participating in the plunge, and said, “Hey, let’s just do it!” So… we did!

1:55pm – after a super quick change we ran down to the beach and got there just as they were counting down…






I’m so glad I did it, but it was sure cold :/





The day ended with a hot shower (obviously!) and then a trip to the Craft Fair and Folk Festival where some of the interns even hopped up on stage to share their God given gifts.

To summarize: The Midnight Sun Folk Fest was an amazing day and I’m so blessed to have got to experience it! Hope everyone’s weekend went just as well!

Blessings! -Kris


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