Blueberry Cream Cheese Wafflewich

Who loves waffles?! 
oh and you too? Good deal!
Glad we can all be waffle loving friends here. 
Now as much as I love waffles (and believe you and me-I do!) Today I decided I wanted to try using my waffle maker for something else… something different, but still delicious… hmmm…
*Waffle maker + sandwich = the best sandwich = the best sandwich ever!
Yessiree-I put two pieces of bread, with delicious ingredients stuffed inside, into a hot waffle iron and let the magic begin! 
I was a little nervous that this would end one of three ways:
1. The waffle machine wouldn’t be able to handle it and not close and therefore not waffle-ize my sammie
2. The waffle machine would be overwhelmed and lash out at me for working it too hard by starting my house on fire
3. Become one of the most amazing, decadent (yet surprisingly healthy) breakfast/dessert sandwiches to ever enter my palate
…my oh my was I thankful it ended in #3!

To bump up the nutrition factor in this wafflewich-I used 2 slices whole wheat bread, and neufchâtel cheese-which is a lowfat cream cheese

patience really is a virtue… and if you practice it here you will be rewarded with this ~

worth it huh?
~Warm, gooey, creamy cream cheese with bursts of juicy blueberries throughout! I had my plain with just a dollap of whipped topping-but it would be sooooo delicious in a variety of ways: 
Such as…
-smoothered in maple syrup
-cut into ‘wafflewich sticks’ and dipped in a peanut butter sauce, honey, or fruit preserves sauce
-topped with a little ice cream or froyo as a dessert
-the list really could go on-but I’m sure you are chomping at the bit waiting to go make this… so off you go! 

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