Back on home ground

Well all – it’s official.. my crazy summer experience in the last frontier of Alaska is done. Finished. Complete.

I can not express enough how much I learned and how great of an experience this entire summer was. I learned how to fish… really fish, how to run mountains, communicate effectively with children of a different culture, learn how to live with 7 others girls, and much much more!


I have to admit, as I was boarding the plane in Anchorage and each intern went their separate ways – I started to feel sadness.

Until that point, I had been so excited at the thought of returning home, I had forgotten that also meant leaving my new friends, amazing boss and wonderful students behind.

After three loooooong flights (but all of them either early or on time – Thank You God!) I was blessed to be greeted with open arms and a wonderful sign from my mom and brother!

 IMG_0025_2 IMG_0024_2

I also was welcomed home from one of my closest friends who drove all the way to the airport just to see lil ole’ me!
We went out to eat, went grocery shopping (it’s crazy how cheap groceries look now!) and headed home.

Since I’ve been home I’ve done a lot to make up for being gone… ok-I had hopes to do that, but after not sleeping for over 36 hours and going through a 3 hour time difference, all I’ve really done is sleep.
Speaking of… it’s probably about time to take another nap 🙂


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