…and now – the rest of the story!

I’m hoping many of you caught on to the Paul Harvey reference this morning! I decided enough has been enough. I must fill you in on the great adventure that was: The First Day of Summercise.

So the day started out at Summer Lunch (more info on that in a later post) but then at exactly 1:00 pm, I donned my Summercise lanyard, shirt and indoor tennis shoes (another whole story in and of itself!), grabbed my clipboard and headed to the Rec Center gym!

A little background on Summercise is a summer program for the youth of Nome, Alaska. It is a program designed to help prevent diabetes; meaning daily activity and healthy eating are emphasized in our classes at ‘camp’. We (the interns) plan and lead classes on nutrition, exercise, sports and healthy living.

Other program staff includes CAMP staff, high school assistants, and community volunteers.

A typical days goes as such:

Kids start showing up at 1pm and at 1:15 the whistle blows and they go to their respected ‘area’. Then by 1:30 they are split up into their classes and go along their merry way for an hour, after the hour is up they go back to the gym where they go to their next class, and again-another hour goes by and one last time they switch classes until Summercise is over for the day and everyone goes home!

We plan pre and post Summercise evaluations so we can evaluate how effective our classes were. For example, one intern has a nutrition class called, Taste the Rainbow and did a pre-test to determine how much knowledge the campers currently had on vitamins and minerals found in various colored produce. I, in my gymnastics class did a pre-test that involved range of flexibility, balance and stamina which will be repeated on the last day of camp and of course, all the kids will have greatly improved because, well, I’m an awesome teacher. 😛 I kid, I kid!

For this session, I teach Track & Field (which I thought would be a cake-walk and now am learning I was horribly wrong!), Volleyball (started out extremely worried about this class since I didn’t play in high school-but has quickly turned into one of my favorites!) and Gymnastics… this class gets a little hectic since I have over 30 children :/ but is still extreme fun!

Alright… I think I’ve hit my max for thinking for the day… so off to bed this intern goes! More info to come, promise!

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 8.18.13 PM

…and now you know The Rest of the Story.

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