After the race…

So our second day of family vacation 2013 did not stop at the finish line of the race! No-sir-ee-bob!

After the race we met some of my friends that are here on a summer mission group with the Baptist church for their Independence Day cookout! …finally something I was used to!

We enjoyed burger, brats, watermelon and chili (it was moose chili!…there had to be some Alaska flair in there somewhere!). All the missionaries are so sweet and amazing helpers! They come to Summercise when they are able and help out in our classes – a God send. Literally. 🙂


Then came our adventure to Council! Council is a camping village (no one lives there during the winter months and the road is actually closed during that time as well). People will live at their camp the whole summer and do what is call subsistence all summer long. That includes things such as hunting, fishing, etc.

So once our bellies were full we hoped in the rental pick-up and headed down the road for Council!


Council usually has a July 4th party with games, grilling and socializing, so we decided we try to check it out.


(this is one family’s ‘camp’)

…long story short – the road is crazy! Very narrow, very deep drop offs on either end and very sharp turns. My knuckles were white and I wasn’t even driving! …but dad got us there safe and sound and we got to go explore the Council area. Unfortunately we didn’t find this so-call party but we had fun skipping rocks across the river and soaking up the little bit of sun that peaked out every so often.


Once we had our fill of Council we hoped back in the pick-up & headed the 70+ miles back to Nome (which, btw-took over 2 1/2 hours to drive!!!)


 Along the way we saw a bunch of interesting landmarks. There were little tee-pee-esqu figures that are actually the Iditarod mile markers.

We also saw the Last Train to Nowhere which you can learn all about here.


We also lots & lots of musk ox, wildflowers and birds…lots of birds!IMG_8502

Day Two – in the books.

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