About Me

About Me

Hello members of the world wide web! I’m Kris-the master mind behind Kris with Bliss!

This page is gonna inform you on the reasonings behind my blog as well as a look into my life-aren’t you lucky! đŸ™‚

(My first 10k race-the Bolder Boulder… amazing!)

The name of my blog-Kris with Bliss l may seem a little odd… it was named because I’m blogging about the things that bring me bliss. There are many things in life that bring me bliss… the color yellow, frozen yogurt, peanut butter, puppies… but the most blissful things in my life fall into 1 of 3 categories:

1. Faith (and everything that goes along with it.. family, friends, etc.)

2. Fitness

3. Food (especially the healthy kind!)

I’m currently a dietetic intern REGISTERED DIETITIAN! I’m excited for making my love of fitness and food into a career!

My blog is a crazy mash-up of healthy recipes, food reviews, fitness tips and randomness from my life. I hope you enjoy your time here!

I LOVE my family and friends… don’t know what I’d do without them

Feel free to email me about any and everything! @ bakingblissful@gmail.com

Have a wonderful and blessed day!



2 thoughts on “About Me”

  • Hey, Kris! I just finished reading your blog about Nome! I’m a junior Nutrition-Dietetics student at Auburn University in Alabama. My adviser forwarded us an email about Summercise, and I’m so intrigued now! Thanks for writing the blog so we future applicants know better what to expect. Do you have any tips for the application process, for example, what are they looking for?

    • Hi Emily! I’m so glad you found my posts! I would love to give you any advice or answer any specific questions you have – I’m going to go ahead and email you and we can chat that way đŸ™‚

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