How to set goals that stick. Honestly.

2015 was one for the books!

My first day of school ever and last - first day of school
My first day of school ever and last – first day of school

It was filled with both fun times and challenging times, personal growth and professional growth, new friends and new memories with old friends. Truly one blessed year I thank the Good Lord for.

Any year you create a Margherita pizza that size is a good year
Any year you create a Margherita pizza that size is a good year

So as 2016 begins, I’m bound and determined to make it just as great and decided to set 16 goals! (because, as a goal-oriented person, what makes a year better than a bunch of goals 😛 )

2015 definitely came with more bike-riding days than any other year to date
2015 definitely came with more bike-riding days than any other year to date

Lots of people make goals for the new year, but few last… so how do we combat this? Goals can be such a huge ally in making the changes necessary to become more the person God created you to be – if utilized properly.

Some things don't change from year to year... I'm still obsessed with apples!
Some things don’t change from year to year… I’m still obsessed with apples!

No worries my friends, I’m here to help! Here are 5 things to keep in mind to help goals work for you:

If you haven’t heard of SMART goals, it’s a way to make goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. So instead of saying, “I want to eat better” make your goal SMART by changing your goal to: “I will eat 3 servings of vegetables every weekday”

2. Keep yourself (or have someone else) accountable
Figure out some way to check in on yourself or have someone check in on you. One way may be a check-off box every week if you’ve accomplished your goal that week. So when you hit the weekend and have successfully had 3 servings of veggies Monday – Friday you can check off that box! Or blog about it like me 😉

3. Drag someone else into it!
Trying to create new habits are hard. But working towards something can become exciting and enjoyable if you go at it with a friend. For example, I’m running my first marathon this year, but am dragging my best friend into it! So now, miles and miles of training runs (while still scary) will be seen more as bonding time and less as ah crap, gotta go spend a few hours putting one foot in front of the other…

4. Set mini-goals
If you have a large, hefty goal like running a marathon (though I don’t know anyone crazy enough to do that, ha!) set mini-goals for yourself. If your marathon is in May, maybe your first goal is to complete a 10 miler by February 1st.

5. Set a goal you actually want to accomplish!
This may seem odd, “Why would anyone set a goal they actually don’t want?” To please others. Sad, but true. If your goal is to lose 5 lbs., just because the media wants you to, or to eat healthier because your doc. said you had to – it’s going to be miserable. Maybe you really do need to eat healthier, but you have to find your own motivation if it’s going to stick! Take some time in silence and figure out how you can make those necessary changes (if you have necessary changes to make) but make them your own. A goal has to be fun, exciting and enjoyable to you! Maybe tack on a really great reward for yourself, or twist the goal to make it more you. Do whatcha gotta do, folks!

So what are my 2016 goals? Here they are folk (in categories, of course, because I’m just that hyper-organized)


1. Read 12 books (1 a month)

2. Get a haircut every 2 months

3. Set a budget using MINT and work each month to make it more accurate

4. Not look at my phone while walking (this one’s going to be hard hard hard)


5. Eat fish once a week

6. Run my first marathon :S

7. Foam roll and stretch at least twice a week (should be everyday, but I said realistic remember, ha!)

8. Change my contacts every month! Sounds ridiculous, but honestly guys, I’m that irresponsible…


9. Learn about a new Saint each month

10. Start each morning talking over the day with God

11. When someone asks/needs prayers – send up a prayer right then and there (instead of “waiting” and then forgetting like I do)

12. If I move to a new place, seek out a mentor/spiritual friend that can keep me accountable


13. Gain acceptance to graduate school!

14. Grow kriswithbliss by 100 more readers

15. Vlog on YouTube – cooking demos and fitness routines; 2 a month

16. Guest blog on some else’s site or magazine

~What about you guys? What are your goals? Don’t forget to write them down and put them somewhere you can see ALL THE TIME!

Happy 2016 – make it great!

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